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Since 1999, thousands of CHAD graduates have succeeded in college, in the design professions and in life.  

We change lives. Our kids want to learn and fulfill their promise.  We accept no excuses – our teachers expect and receive the very best from our students. They come to school and stay in school. They learn and grow in self-esteem. On an annual basis, CHAD graduates between 95 and 100% of its senior class. Between 90 - 95% of these graduates are accepted into college.

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Gifts to CHAD, large and small, make a difference every day. They help us provide students from across Philadelphia an outstanding design and a strong liberal arts education. Annual gifts to the school help support

  • New technology
  • Year round summer learning programs
  • Tutors and learning centers
  • Facility improvements
  • Teacher training in new techniques

Gifts to CHAD are fully tax deductible as charitable contributions as allowed by law. Contributions are deeply appreciated and quickly put to good use.

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