Afterschool at CHAD

From sports to fashion: from games to careers.

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Clubs in 2016-2017, below.  

Clubs meet between 3:35 and 5:30pm
(ending times vary according to club)
on monday, tuesday, wednesday & thursday as listed

Ace Mentor
The CHAD ACE team collaborates with Philadelphia design and construction professionals on a design project that experiences the complete professional process.
Ballroom Dance Team
The Ballroom Team exposes students to competitive ballroom dancing. Members perform as a part of the annual Fashion Show, as well as compete in state, regional, and national competitions.
Cheerleading Club
Learn cheers and technical cheering choreography in the cheerleading club.
Chess Club
Learn the game. Play and compete in the Philadelphia Scholastic Chess League.
Cooking Club
Learn about the art of cooking, healthy foods, ethnic foods; take trips to local food establishments.
Dance Team
The Dance “Club” exposes students to different dance styles: ballet, modern, jazz and hip hop.
Drawing and Painting Club
Learn how to advance your observational drawing and oil painting skills.
Fashion Club
Participate in the inception, development, creation and execution of a fashion design to culminate in the CHAD Annual Fashion Show.
Girls Learn International
To raise awareness of girls in 3rd world countries forced to wed early and deprived of an education.
Hard Hat Club
See and learn about construction from the people out there doing it. Architects, contractors and developers visit CHAD to share the workand projects. The club will visit each of these projects several times over the scho
Math SAT Prep Club
This club is designed to help students prepare for the math section of the SAT.
Meditation Club
Opportunity to quiet the mind and gain peace of mind.
Music Club/Drumline
Bring the beat and school spirit to CHAD events and represent our school in the wider community.
National Honor Society
Participants are pre-selected through a process based on academics and service.
Screen Printing Club
Learn the skill of silk-screening from design to production of textiles, posters, t-shirts, etc.
Student Council
Participants are elected by student body to be leaders in the community through activities & school store.
Video Games Club
Opportunity to play video games with other classmates in a group setting.
Visual Journaling
Students in this club will have a safe space where they can write, draw and share ideas. Each month students will collaborate to produce a small zine publication that can be circulated around CHAD. The zine will share ar
Yearbook Club
Join the team of designers and editors of the CHAD yearbook. Students of all grades are welcome to participate and contribute to the book.