Graduation Requirements
CHAD awards a high school diploma to every student who meets the requirements for graduation. Such requirements include the successful completion of courses of study for a four-year high school and which meet the standards set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Academic Standards, laws and regulations.

In addition to the core credit requirements as stated above, students may also be required to complete and pass elective/workshop courses if rostered within a student's schedule. To satisfy senior requirements, students must also complete a PA standards based culminating senior project, as approved by school officials.

Students in Pennsylvania are also required to demonstrate proficiency by taking Keystone end of course exams after each corresponding classin Algebra I, Biology, and Literature in order to graduate.

CHAD places great value on creating a school-wide curriculum that is standards driven and follows a scope and sequence that supports student learning progression. All core content curriculums are aligned to the PA Keystone Core Standards. The design of the curriculum maintains rigor while allowing students of all levels and abilities to have success. Special education students receive the adaptations and modifications that their individualized education plan calls for in their least restrictive environment.